Managing Philosophy of the Company

1.       Core Values:Do solid work, Be creative, Team building, Be responsible & Keep pursuing

Do solid work: insisting on practicing, struggling, specializing and focusing.

Be creative: technical innovation, and also keep differentiation, leading the international standard.

Team building: human oriented, play a role as a team.

Be responsible: bravely take all responsibilities and sharing all the results.

Keep pursuing: Be leader of the markers’ manufacturer, building the global brand.

2.Enterprising Purpose: Persisting with honesty, Pursuing for good, Striving for fine, Approaching to aesthetic

Persisting with honesty: Be honesty to people and everything

Pursuing for good: Everything is based on good for society, good for the enterprise, good for people. Be kind to customer & worker, to create a harmonious environment.

Striving for fine: Pursuing exquisite、secure technique, seeking greater perfect work and product.

Approaching to aesthetic: Provide good service for customers and good enjoyment for workers, improve society development, benefit human being.

3.Enterprising Spirit: Passionate with the job、Solidarity、Exploring & Advancing

Passionate with the job: Workers should have high responsibility and passionate with the work, should love and specialized in the work once choose the job.

Solidarity: We are all from different places, but it is very lucky for us to work together in Kaiwen Stationery. We should value the special time to get along with each other, try to learn merit from others and improve selves’ demerit.

Exploring & Advancing: Enterprise need to be creative、updating & efficient. Workers need to be better than yourself, improve yourself more quickly、correctly and to be the first.

4. Quality policy: Human first, Integrative management, Good quality, Customer satisfied

Human first: Human resources is the most important resource to the company, it should pay high attention to workers’ working & living environment, enhance workers’ education and increase salary.

Integrative management: To be honesty to customer, do what is said.

Good quality: Develop much higher quality product, provide much better service, increase of efficiency, deliver goods in time.

Customer satisfied: Improve control of the production, use creative technique to meet customers’ requirement.

5. Quality target

5.1 More than 95% pass for the finished goods inspection;

5.2 Customers’ satisfaction on the quality more than 95%.

6. Environment policy

Protect the environment with limit discharge and develop sustainably

7. Brand target

To be the pioneer of the pen industry, meet customers’ requirement and protect the environment

8. Brand planning

To be honesty, create international brand

9. Brand philosophy

Developing good products, achieving the enterprise’ value