Capacity & Output:

The company spares no effort in new product development, ing new products, with the average speed of one new product each month. What’s more, our water color marker series has reached 100 different colors now, with daily output of nearly 2 million pcs.

In 2014, the company’s production scale had expanded further, with the production capacity reached 500 million pcs, while the output value up to 125 million RMB. Compared with last year, the production capacity increased 25% and the output value increased 15%.

In 2015, daily production capacity were supposed to reach 2.5 million pcs, and the annual production capacity plans to reach 600 million pcs, while the annual output expected to reach 150 million RMB. We are full of confidence for the future development.


From 2007 to 2014, our company takes energy-saving and emission reduction as our purpose, eliminating backward production capacity constantly, and import a variety of precision machinery and equipment which represent the advanced productive forces (100 sets of the automatic assembling machines, 70 sets of the injection machines, 50 sets of the automatic silk screen printing machines, and the Seiko mold equipment, etc.).

In 2014, our company continuously investing the import of the equipment as below: 11 sets of automatic assembling machines, 6 sets of injection machines, 2 sets of automatic silk screen printing machines and 2 sets of blister card packing machines, etc. In recent years, we’ve spent approximately 30 million RMB in machinery investment, ensuring the advanced productivity and guaranteeing the production efficiency of the enterprise.

In 2015, company plans to invest more than 5 million further to purchase the machinery and equipment on behalf of the progressiveness of industry, to make greater progress in the aspect of “Machinery Substitution”.

In the future development, every year the company plans to spend 5 percent from annual turnover on R&D and procurement of new equipment, to represent the industry advanced productivity.



When the company established in 2001, the floor area is 3330 square meters and the structure area is 6,000 square meters.

The factory expanded in 2007, increasing 3500 square meters in floor area and 9000 square meters in structure area. After expanding, the total floor area is 7000 square meters and the total structure area is 14,000 square meters.

The factory expanded again in 2014, increasing further 3330 square meters in floor area and 7,000 square meters in structure area. At the present stage, the company covers 10,000 square meters in floor area and 22,000 square meters in structure area.


When the company founded in 2001, there are total 200 staffs, including 10 technicians and 30 administrative staffs.

After the first technical transformation in 2006, the total employees reached to 300, increased 50%, which including 50 technicians and 50 administrative staffs. The total turnover raised 240% compares 2001.

After machinery substitution and technical transformation upgrades once again in 2011, the staff increased 33%, reached 400, with 80 technicians and 80 administrative staffs. The total turnover increased 180% over 2006.