The company has been initiating“differentiation winning & standardization winning” as our quality policy, and earnestly implementing this policy on the production of every process, every position.

Excellence & the pursuit of perfection are our company’s quality management philosophy.

The quality control department, since established in 2003, has been executing in accordance with relevant standards and improving year by year. Even more strict than the international standards in some actual production execution.

The company has set up its own product standards for the water color pen. Each production segment has a clear technology process (or we can call it working instruction) and quality quantitative criteria. The company possesses more than ten kinds of advanced testing equipment. For the quality control department, the company employed 3 QA, 2 QE. For the incoming quality control, 3 IPQC, 8 OQC, 4 FQC and more than 20 LQC are standing by to ensure the quality of all the products to be in the domestic advanced level.


The company implemented the standardized management, built the best order of the enterprise, improved quality,realized a scientific management, promoted technological progress,secured a healthy environment, eliminated the trade barriers and improved the competitiveness of the enterprises.

The company established the standardized leadership group headed by our general manager, who responsible for leading the company-wide standardization. The company consists of three levels of standardized organization, namely the company’s standardized leadership team, standardized functional management agencies (Ministry of Personnel) and a systemetic standardized working group made up of members from every functional departments as well as every workshops.

Each production segment has a clear working instruction and quality quantitative inspection standards. The company has established an illustrated work instruction and guidelines for inspection for each product, for example: (Please refer to the working instruction on page 508 in the attachment)

Quality Enterprise Standardization

As the core technology layer elite, the general manager of the company jointly prepared the latest international corporate standards with the domestic and foreign well-known dealers, in order to make our products meet or exceed domestic and international customers’ demands;

The quality of the products, in the premise of enterprise standardization, owns advanced testing equipment, measuring tools, and go through a complete inspection process control, including: QA: quality assurance, QE: Quality Engineering; QC quality control (IQC: Incoming quality control, IPQC: Input process quality control, FQC: Final quality control, OQC: Outgoing quality control);

The products passed tests requirements, including TRA, ASTM D-4236 LHAMA, EN71 Part 3 & 9, USP51/61/62, LIDL’s higher request such as PAH, NP

Our products are developed for the idea of excellence, commitment to their safety, functionality and environmental protection property; writing smoothness, good hand feeling; color purity and brightness; product has long writing length; with well resistance and sealing. The products fully reach and exceed the requirements of the well-known distributors and latest standards all of the world.

The company's incoming inspection, process inspection, shipment inspection and in strict accordance with the relevant standards, based on specific criteria s as follows:

GB / T 2828.1 Sampling procedures for inspection - Part 1: by acceptance quality limit (AQL) to retrieve the batch inspection sampling plan

GB / T 6388 shipping marks of transportation package

GB / T 12654 Writing Paper

QB / T 2777-2006 marker

EN71-3 limits of 19 required heavy metal

EN71-9 Limits of preservative for organics

PAHS 18 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Phthalates 17P

USP51 antiseptic antibacterial effect test

USP61 + USP62 microbial limit testing

BS7272-1 cap ventilation requirements

BS7272-2 pen plug safety requirements

EN71-1 mechanical and physical requirements

In the actual incoming inspection, process inspection, shipment inspection, many of our specific operational requirements are higher than the standards, ensuring the stability of products’ quality standards in raw material procurement, process control process, shipping transportation, storage, loading and unloading process, ensuring the products’ consistence throughout the process from the company to terminal market shelves and also ensuring the comprehensive needs of customers.